More Spring Flowers

Lovely Lilac

It looks so much like bunches of floral grapes hanging on a shrub with bright green heart shaped leaves as it heralds the beginning of summer. It’s scent, blown on the breeze,  is captivating.  Lilac is part of the Olive family and came west from Ottoman gardens at the end of the 16th century where they have been cultivated as garden plants for over a thousand years.  The word lilac refers to the mauve colour of the flowers.

Lilac Luck

It used to be considered bad luck to bring lilac blooms into the house in Britain, but that is no longer the case and they can look and smell beautiful in a vase in the house. To prolong the life of the cut lilac stems, you should remove most of the leaves and sear the ends of the branches in hot water.  

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The Mythical Peony

A beautiful blowsy, bowl-like bloom, they are the most lyrical and luxurious of flowers,  heralding the start of summer.  They are a popular flower for romantic bridal bouquets, often in shades of light pink, white and ivory.  Once a plant is established in the garden, they can live for up to a hundred years.

Peonies in a vase with vintage china

Grows on Trees

The most well known type of peony is a herbaceous perennial, dying back every year, however peonies also grow on trees. There is also a type of peony which is a cross between a tree and herbaceous peony.  

Peonies have been grown in China since the sixth and seventh century, where they were cultivated as garden plants and for medicine. They were grown in the imperial gardens during the Tang dynasty,  which ran from 618 – 907.  

Peonies also grew along the coast of the Mediterranean, where the Greeks named it after Paeon, the Greek god of medicine.  Both the Greeks and the Romans used peonies in herbal remedies until the middle ages.

Roots and Petals

Peony roots have often been considered more important than the flowers. They have been used to treat a range of maladies from epilepsy to asthma and migraines.  The Benedictines grew peonies in their monastery gardens for their healing properties as well as their beauty. Peony petals are still used to make peony water and added to lotions and bath water.

Some of the scented varieties of peonies have names such as Pink Hawaiian Coral, Sea Shell,  Duchesse de Nemours, Hermione, Bartzella and Myrtle Gentry.

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Crystal vases on a mirror tray

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