La vie en Rose

Ah, a rose…in June – something to capture the heart. The scent of a velvety rose – captured in countless perfume bottles and so many more memories. Besides roses growing in gardens and in the wild, their likenesses are drawn and painted, printed on china, textiles and thousands of household items.

The rose twines back into history: The Wars of the Roses, which was not a fight for your favourite chocolates in the tin, but the English civil war for the throne of England between the red rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York.  The rosicrucians are a society which is secretive and arcane.

Embroidered roses and a rosy trio

Rose Petals for Jam

Rose petals are thrown as confetti at a wedding and scattered as decorations. Rosewater, made by steeping rose petals in water, is used as a facial cleanser and toner and is also used in cooking. Rosewater flavours Turkish Delight and rose petals and rose hips are also made into jam and tinctures for medicinal purposes

Colours of red, yellow, orange, pink, striped; the rose symbolises romance, but the rose is also robust and has sharp thorns. It is not only the national flower of England, it is the emblem of the English Rugby Team, a tough opponent.

Royal Albert plates on a rose background

A Rose by any other name

There are so many types of roses, so many different hybrids that the sheer number of approximately over 30 000 is almost too many to take in at once. Banksia rose, English rose, floribunda rose, grandiflora rose, groundcover rose, climbing rose, rambling rose, hybrid tea rose, miniature rose – you would need more than a summer to see them all and the many more not mentioned here.           

Tea roses are roses that smell like tea.  The first tea roses were tea-scented and smelled like black china tea. They are hybrids of the oriental China rose. Hybrid teas, the original garden rose with their pointed bud flowers,  is the oldest group classified as a modern garden rose.

Old Roses originate from China Roses and are those found in Europe before the end of the 18th century. The real Old Roses are divided into the Gallicas, Damasks, Albas, Centifolias and Moss Roses.

I never promised you a rose garden.

Napoleon’s wife Empress Josephine was enchanted by roses which were her favorite flower. She established a rose garden with over 250 rose varieties at the Chateau de Malmaison where she lived. 

One of the most famous Rose Gardens in England is Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent’s Park. It was created in the 1930’s and has approximately 12000 rose plants. The Mottisfont garden in Hampshire has a walled garden and one of the most famous rose gardens in the world. It is home to the National Collection of Old Roses.

Royal Albert is famous for its rose-patterned china. Roses in full bloom appear on Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses china which is the best selling dinnerware pattern in the world and was first produced in 1962.

Vintage china plate

Tea and Roses

A china teaset garlanded with roses conjures up the scent of summer roses in bloom and tea in the garden together with your favourite cut roses in a vase. You can hire our vases and vintage patterned china to create your rose filled summer garden party.

Rose covered vases for hire
Rose patterned china for hire

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